ACETAIA REALE (12 years)意大利葡萄黑醋 (12年) Le Noir Balsamic Condiment Serie 12 GOLD
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI
250毫升裝 | ACETAIA REALE 100%天然不含色素。
Ingredient: cooked grape must
Presented 250 ml in a timelessly elegant bottle.
ACETAIA REALE balsamic condiments are colouring free and 100% natural.
背景 Background

葡萄黑醋來自意大利北部的摩德納Modena的農莊生產商Acetaia Reale,是意大利餐桌上不可決少的珍品。
Balsamic Vinegar from farmhouse producer Acetaia Reale in Modena, Italy. The older the vintage is, the stronger and sweeter the taste is, the richer the taste is.
Balsamic vinegar is mainly graded by vintage.

A very rich flavour profile with a mellow and mild fruitiness.
製造過程 Process

它將壓榨葡萄得來的汁液,於橡木桶中讓醋長時間 (12年) 自然發酵及吸收橡木的香氣。經年累月,醋變得更濃縮,色澤深濃,果香馥郁,更散發着橡木的複雜香氣。
黑醋每年都會轉移到不同的木桶中,在陳釀過程中,每一種木都有其非常特殊的味道和香氣,被釀於黑醋內。 橡木給人香草的味道。 櫻桃增添了水果的味道。 杜松帶來辛辣的味道。 相思木帶來蜂蜜的味道。 栗木給它帶來獨特和豐富的深褐色等。木釀的味道具有穿透力,氣味令人愉悅,和諧宜人。
Sweet-and-sour Balsamic condiment obtained from cooked musts of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes of Modena.
It has been matured over 12 years in a barrel of oak, chestnut and various other wood, creating a rich, deep, sweet and savoury flavour.
With annual transfer into different wood barrels to acquire the flavours of each wood. Oak gives notes of vanilla. Cherry adds a fruity taste. Juniper bestows spicy notes. Acacia brings honeyed flavours. Chestnut gives it the distinctively rich, dark brown colour, etc. Each of them gives its very special taste and aroma to balsamic vinegar during ageing. The taste is penetrating but pleasing and harmonious with a pleasant smell.
好處 Benefit

黑醋亦有助於降低體重。 最佳效果是取代高脂高鹽的調味品,並與富含鉀的食物一起食用。
黑醋中既含有醋酸和抗菌化合物,也含有抗氧化劑。 將黑醋作為日常飲食的一部分來食用,會讓你的皮膚更清澈,膚色更明亮。
Regular consumption of balsamic vinegar has potential health benefits, leading to clear blood vessels, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. 
It is also a helpful change in your diet to help lowering weights. This method works best when replaced high-fat and high-salt dressings and served with potassium-rich foods.
Balsamic vinegar contains both acetic acid and antimicrobial compounds, as well as antioxidants. Consuming balsamic vinegar as part of your regular diet might make your skin look clearer and your complexion brighter.
用法 Usage

意大利人會用最高級的陳醋,灑幾滴在高級的Parmigiano Reggiano芝士上,酸甜與濃郁芝士香撞在一起,味道獨特。
From appetisers to desserts, full-bodied, woody flavour with notes of dark cherry offers a heavenly accent to almost any food, sweet or savoury. Sprinkle a few drops on top of high-quality Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to bring up the savoury while serving the appetiser.
It is ideal to serve with grilled fish and roasted meats, bresaola, steak, grilled seafood, foie gras, duck breast, bread, ice cream, dessert and so on. It can serve with strawberries, pears, apples, spaghetti jelly, chocolates and sorbets as well to bring out the sweetness.
有效期 Expiry Date

Traditional Balsamic vinegar has no expiration date (The law requires to indicate a date, usually around 10 years)
Recommended to keep it well closed and in a cool place

ACETAIA REALE (12 years)意大利葡萄黑醋 (12年) Le Noir Balsamic Condiment Serie 12 GOLD

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