Basso (1L) 初榨橄欖油 Extra Virgin Olive Oil


瓶裝(1L) 直接從橄欖果中提取的高級橄欖油。



Olive Oil, Extra Virgin

Bottle (1L) Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives.

Packed in Italy with oils of Spain, Italy and Greece.

Store in a cool and dark place.




公司通過DNV ISO 9001/2008 ISO 14001/2004認證的綜合管理體系。妥善處理。本公司使用可再生能源。

Company with integrated management system certified by DNV ISO 9001/2008 ISO 14001/2004.

Dispose of properly.

This company uses renewable energy sources.


    Basso (1L) 初榨橄欖油 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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