Basso (250ml) 意大利牛油果油 Avocado oil

該油具有清晰的稻草黃色,非常適合用於原始調味料。 它通常用於南美廚房,以確保菜餚具有海外創意。它不太適合油炸,因為它對高溫的抵抗力很低。


用於這種油的牛油果實(Persea americana)來自西班牙


它可以用來調味熟食和生食,使其具有非常獨特的風味。 非常適合沙拉或新鮮蔬菜,以及以魚和雞肉為基礎的調味料和菜餚的製備


With a clear straw yellow color, this oil is perfect for raw seasoning. It is typically used in South American kitchens, which guarantees a touch of overseas originality on the dishes.
It is not very suitable for frying because it has a low resistance to high temperatures.


The avocado fruits (Persea americana) used for this oil come exclusively from Spain.


It can be used to season both cooked and raw foods, to which it gives a very particular flavor. Perfect on salads or fresh vegetables, as well as for the preparation of sauces and dishes based on fish and chicken

    Basso (250ml) 意大利牛油果油 Avocado oil

    250 毫升