La Doria 420g 意大利焗豆 Baked Bean





• Size: 420g

• Ready to use to eat hot or cold
• Perfect as a side dish for meat
• Contains all essential amino acids


La Doria烤豆是由精選的豆製成,並自然煮熟,以保持其強烈的味道和營養特性:豐富的纖維和蛋白質,低脂肪。


La Doria Baked Beans are made from wisely selected round beans and boiled naturally so as to preserve their intense taste and nutritional properties: rich in fiber and protein, low in fat . They are then enriched with a lightly spiced tomato sauce, and cooked slowly for a strong and appetizing taste. Typical food of the English breakfast, the Baked Beans are ready to be eaten cold or hot, ideal as an accompaniment to meat and to give a touch of originality to tasty grilled in company .


La Doria 420g 意大利焗豆 Baked Bean

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