Luglio (1L) 意大利維利奧橄欖果渣油 Pomace Olive Oil

Luglio Pomace Olive Oil




Oil comprising exclusively by treated oils that were extracted after extraction of Olive Oil.


 Luglio’s family history dates back in 1953 when LUIGI LUGLIO, the father, and his sons start the activity in their  own oil-mill placed in the town of Terlizzi, north of Bari. 

The devotion to tradition and the direct attention to time’s changes make Luglio Company a reference point for the processing of extra virgin olive oil from Bari area, whose extra virgin olive oil has been judged by many experts among the finest in the world.  The company is placed in the midst of one of the most important olive oil regions called Terra di Bari that has always boasted a strategic position for the production and trading of the extra virgin olive oil.

Luglio (1L) 意大利維利奧橄欖果渣油 Pomace Olive Oil

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